Teachers take exams of students to test how good they are in studying so wouldn’t it be right to take exam of teachers to test how good are they at teaching ? When a student is not studying properly teachers often scold student or contact his/her parents. So, if a teacher is lacking somewhere in teaching shouldn’t students tell him so that he can change his method of teaching.

Students are future of a country and teachers have responsibilities to shape them so that they can have a better future. It is just like a potter gives shape to a clay. I’m not saying that students get a spotless chit for pinning everything on teachers in the event that they don’t get successful. The two of them are similarly responsible for student’s prosperity or disappointment.

Teaching is regularly a singular undertaking. More often than not the teacher is separated from everyone else before the students and he is considered as an insightful master. How an teacher can know how great he is at his specific employment ? How might he work on his courses ? That is the reason, an teacher needs the assistance of his students to land input about his position. He needs input to further develop his showing abilities and his instructing materials.

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Those criticism are additionally an approach to make a discourse among teachers and students. Students ought to reserve the option to criticize both the substance and the techniques for educating. On one hand, the student might turn out to be more persuaded and afterward may connect with and listen all the more cautiously during the class. Then again, they can foster analysis which is today a fundamental ability in a world overpowered by data. Through this interaction of recognizing the failure of their teachers, students will deal with their own failure all the more without any problem.

Again, I am not encouraging the act of disrespect towards teacher. Teachers are incredible individuals who teach us however in case they are managing their work wrongly, they ought to be corrected by understudies. Actually like how teachers set students back on track way. This will be improvement for both teachers as well as students.