Project Pegasus: Unfolding The Cyber Spy

Project Pegasus has been in news for quite some time. Project Pegasus is an investigation about the Software Pegasus, in which 16 Media Institutes participated to expose the truth behind Pegasus. India is also one of the country whose name came out during the investigation. So What is Pegasus?

Pegasus is a spying software developed by an Israeli Technology Firm, NSO. According to NSO, the software is used to hack into the phones of their target and keep an eye on their every step. The data collected through this process can be sold to the government of a country and not to any individual or firm.

Pegasus recently became a hot topic not only in India but all around the world. It is not the first time Pegasus has came in news. But why is it highlighted now in India along with the whole world?  

Pegasus came in news after an investigation was done by 16 Media institutions from all around the world. This was initiated by a Not Profit Organisation from Paris along with Amnesty International. The project is called Project Pegasus.

Pegasus is known to infect the phone and can capture every single thing around the subject. It takes control over the phone and collects data about every single thing done by the subject. This software can be really useful to track down criminals and can be helpful to stop them. But is it really used for that?

The investigation in Project Pegasus revealed something else. The investigation revealed OVER 50,000 names that were either being tracked or were people of interest for any future assignment. In India, a list of 300 people was released. The list contains names of more than 40 journalists, 3 opposition Leaders, and two serving ministers. Former and Current Head of Security Organisation is also on this list. It is also said that the phone that was registered in the name of a serving Judge of the Supreme Court is also on the list.

 There has been no statement by the Indian Government on the issue and this can problematic. It is yet not clear if all the numbers in the list are hacked or not. It is concerning regarding privacy and the fundamentals of democracy.

It can be clearly termed as misuse of power and can have a bad effect on citizens. it is really important to take strict actions against it.