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The Walt Disney Company restructures its media and entertainment businesses


Welcoming you all to the discussion forum of  the Mile cast presented to you by the Entrepreneurship development cell of Coimbatore institute of technology. Apart from different industrial revolutions there are certain creations that stand in the hearts of the people forever. Have you wondered what that is? Yes!  One such creation is the  Comic World. Who else in the comic world does not like MickyMouse and who have not grown up without hearing the stories of Cinderella. There lies a man behind this marvelous creation. It is none other than Walt Disney. In this let us know about this man and his masterpiece establishment ‘The Walt Disney Company’ .

He has grown from a small boy who was interested in drawings and pursuing an illustrator career to a man who has raised his standards to a co-founder of the leading media company. The establishment of this company was started in the later period of 1923. The path to success is not a bed of roses. Yup! This establishment was made after facing a bankruptcy due to  the  failure of his early firm. All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.-  was his motto which made him proceed. His creations started with Alice in Wonderland , which was purchased by the Winkler Productions.

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He faced many ups and lifts, during which he started creating his new creation MickyMouse inorder to recover from his previous creation ‘Oswald the Lucky Rabbit’. The film Steamboat Wille with starrer MickyMouse was an immediate smash hit. This was the first Sound film by Disney which he achieved with the feature of Synchronising sound system. Due you know something, it is not  only because of the fondness towards the character that made his project successful. It is because of the features and technology that he introduces that makes his work different from others. 

Soon after this release in the same year ‘The Walt  Disney ‘ was reorganized to a corporation as ‘The Walt Disney Production’ and thus earned a name and became known to everyone.  And in the  earlier period the whole shares were withheld within the Disney family. Disney and his wife  held about 60% of the shares and his brother Roy  owned the rest of the shares. Introducing a different feature that makes it more appealing to the audience in each creation is the specialty of this production and thus establishing it as a powerful media company. 

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You can very well know that he is a man of patience , perseverance and innovation.  Which was made sure when he began his first feature lengthened  film ‘ Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs’ in the year of 1934 . It premiered 3 years later in 1937. Undoubtedly it was a box office hit and became the highest grossing film of the time. His studio continued with the release of successful  hits like Pinocchio , Fantasia and Dumbo  . Later the profits of the company declined  during World War II due to the drafting of the animators into the armed forces.

During this time the Government commissioned the studio to make films that support the war effort. It is during this time the famous character Donald Duck . Further the release of Cinderella in 1950 and Alice in Wonderland in and Peter pan in the consecutive years was a success. His mastermind came up with the new idea of creating his first all -live action feature film ‘Treasure Island’. The company  has grown to the height of establishing its own distribution. He always  thought  that it’s a  kind of fun to do impossible things. Walt Disney and  Coca Cola teamed up for the first Disney’s venture into television.

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