Unlike the name suggests, electronic packaging isn’t the packaging involved in the shipment of electronics or the sales packaging containing electronic devices or components. It is entirely different.

According to Wikipedia, Electronic packaging is the design and production of enclosures for electronic devices ranging from individual semiconductor devices up to complete systems such as a mainframe computer.

Or in more simple terms electronic packaging is the method of enclosing, protecting, and providing physical structure to an electronic component(s) or finished electronic devices.

The purpose of the packaging is to provide protection and at times physical structures to electronic components and devices. The Packaging of an electronic system must ensure its protection from mechanical damage, cooling, radio frequency noise emission, and electrostatic discharge. 

The four major functions served by Electronic packaging are :

It provides the interconnection of electrical signals at various levels 

It distributes power to the electronic circuits and devices

It provides mechanical and environmental protection to the components, circuits, and devices and dissipation of the heat

According to intrepidsourcing, Different Levels of Electronic Packaging

Electronics packaging design is organized in multiple levels namely Level 0 up to Level 5.

Level 0 – this electronic packaging level protects chips and semiconductors which are the simplest and most basic parts of an electronic system.

Level 1 – this electronic packaging level protects electronic components.

Level 2 – this electronic packaging level protects the printed circuit board.

Level 3 – this electronic packaging level protects assembly, wiring boards and associated components of these.

Level 4 – this electronic packaging level protects modules or collection of assemblies.

Level 5 – this electronic packaging level protects a combination of different modules or the electronic system in general.

These levels are necessary to help electronic manufacturing companies easily assess electronic packaging materials needed for an electronic packaging design. This makes operations more efficient and fluid since they can easily look for what they need simply by describing the electronic packaging level they are currently working on.

Consider a familiar example of a DVD player, a DVD player is an assembly of electronics packed in a rectangular metal case. This provides protection and also allows for the placement of buttons that are used to operate the device as well as the connectors needed to connect the DVD player to other devices.

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