Child trafficking alludes to the abuse of girls and boys, essentially for labor work and sexual exploitation. Children account for 27% of all the illegal exploitation victims around the world, and two out of each three child victims are girls. Some of the time sold by a relative or an associate, in some cases baited by bogus guarantees of education and a “superior” life.

Child Trafficking in the European Union - Humanium

The reality is that they take advantage of children. They are held in slave-like conditions without sufficient food, haven or clothing, and are regularly seriously manhandled and cut off from all contact with their families. Every country on the planet is influenced by human trafficking, and subsequently, kids are compelled to exit school, hazard their lives and are denied of what each child deserves ,a better future.

We can stop this by supporting unprivileged children who are denied of legitimate education, health and shelter. It’s a child right to get legitimate education, heath and shelter fundamentally a superior living. We can do this by interfacing with NGOs which work in improvement of kids’ lives. We can donate cash, garments and different accomplices to them. Also strict action should be taken against those who are involved in this vicious crime. Children are future of a country if they are not safe then a country will never develop.