Being knowledgeable!

Knowledge plays an important role in personality development of an individual. It is important to know what’s going around you and what needs to be done, be it social, economical or technical. Confidence comes with knowledge. You cannot stand an interview without having appropriate knowledge. Neither can a person start his own venture without having proper knowledge about the field he is willing to enter. It is all linked, whatever sphere of life it might be. Knowledge stands at the top.

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It is never limited to books or magazines; it can also be gained through experience and learning which is an important characteristic of a human. We learn by seeing, watching and observing things. The bookish language is either tricky, boring, lengthy or includes jargon which makes it difficult to get the true meaning of things and hence can be misunderstood. Here, the importance of practical knowledge comes into play.

You see, how vast is the field of knowledge is! It is a field in itself since it is either not accessible to all or those who can, fail to harness enough of it. It is a study where you learn for your interest and observe to know.

The emerging fields to gain knowledge can be finance, social, medical or anything that might interest you and would help you. Knowledge is not a force. It is the basics of a good personality and the reason behind the confidence of a person. Even if you are involved in house chores, it is important that you know what, why, how are you doing or carrying out your work. This builds efficiency and confidence in oneself. Nobody can question your ability if you are a knowledgeable person, in your field.

Some people carry diverse knowledge, the reason being their desire to know and explore more. Limiting yourself to books or doing manual work without good know-how can be boring. Many-a-times people opt to study the subjects which are totally out of their interest, just to get a good job with considerable earnings. Such businesses don’t go well and consequently affect the health of a person. This happens because they make it a burden and try to gain knowledge in a field they don’t belong to. Life is all about exploring new horizons and living them freely. Limits in education obstruct the growth of a person. Go beyond the textbooks and learn from the nature. Know your destiny, what is your purpose and how should you approach it. Again, knowledge about the ways to approach a situation is important. Always choose the right path no matter how difficult it might be. Of course, there are no good things easy and free. Struggle will lead you to the purpose of your life. Just don’t forget to “live” the journey.

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Knowledge concerns with personal well-being too, besides caring for the world. The learning you get from your parents and teachers, the experiences you gain from failures, the freshness you feel in the nature, all are a part of the big world of knowledge.

You can find solutions to your as well as others’ problems if you are knowledgeable. Also, improving and constantly gaining knowledge is important whatever area it may concern. You need to be well updated so as to put forward your best opinions and views. It might appear hectic at first but gradually you will get better at knowing things. Making it a habit will help a lot in future. People usually prefer and refer journals, newspapers, etc. for the purpose but “observing” is the best practice to get an insight and build a perspective.