well being

Being knowledgeable!

Knowledge plays an important role in personality development of an individual. It is important to know what’s going around you and what needs to be done, be it social, economical or technical. Confidence comes with knowledge. You cannot stand an interview without having appropriate knowledge. Neither can a person start […]

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PROLOGUE Emotional wellness issues range from hazardous issues like schizophrenia, bipolar to more normal issues like tension and wretchedness. There are stages to these issues. Like a man with outrageous melancholy might have his life demolished. While many individuals work ordinarily with gentle sorrow and uneasiness. While never getting a […]

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Toxic Positivity in an age of Nowhere

expression is very important for mental health. There is no tool as strong as expression for the human mind. That expression can be verbal, through music, art, dance or in any other physical or art form – as long as it does no harm to another being, that expression is good and, important.

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