Humans and machines work differently as machines are the creation of humans. Machines were created to make human life easier. The only gadget engine has various components. When it comes to artificial intelligence vs the human brain then there are some people who believe that artificial intelligence works better than the human brain. As time goes by people go on the machines. People need to work together because communication is not possible electronically. We feel free to express, evaluate and solve our problems with people.

man vs. machine

Machines are the Creation of Mankind
Humans were created with flesh and blood, and they have life. People have feelings and emotions, expressing different emotions at different times. Machines operate with their own man-made mechanical brain. People understand the situation and respond appropriately and the machines have no understanding.

People are old and self-centered. They can build and invent new things but machines cannot do such kinds of work because they use artificial intelligence. The machines are operational and man-made. People are blessed with ingenuity and emotion while machines have artificial intelligence. Humans have many different abilities, such as language, pattern recognition, and creative thinking.

The impact of technology on human health
Machinery and technology replace some of the workloads and this is the main reason for the lack of jobs and the backlog of equipment. As people are replaced by machines that is why some jobs disappear. Industrial change has also led to unemployment and, as a result, lost the skills of the middle class in various sectors.

Other effects of the machine on humans are ability, war, and destruction.

Increased use of automobiles has increased the pollution of the environment. The impact of technology on our environment is complex and we are dealing with drastic climate change such as global warming that is leading to several diseases in humans. The machines are also facing extinction of several birds, plant and animal species due to climate change.

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Use of Equipment
We are surrounded by a variety of equipment such as televisions, refrigerators, music programs, theaters, and multi-use washing machines. With the help of these machines, our lives have become much easier. Machines are much faster than humans when it comes to data processing and arithmetic with precision and speed.

Computers with better memory can be fed with a greater amount of information compared to humans. Machines work harder and smoother than humans. Products can be produced in large quantities at very high speeds with the help of machinery.

Easy communication is possible from anywhere in the world via cell phone. One can travel at great speed anywhere in the world with the help of transportation. Researching and sharing ideas from anywhere in the world has become much easier. Furthermore, machines are not influenced by emotions or emotions, unlike humans.

The conclusion
Equipment has become a very important part of our lives and it helps in many ways. Although it also has a negative impact on our lives. There is no competition between humans and machines because humans are the creators of machines. Humans have invented machines for a variety of purposes and it is important to know the purpose of developing artificial intelligence and its impact on human health. Machines are used to create and destroy by the power of human intelligence.

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