5 reasons why working in startup is good idea

If you are confused whom to choose MNC or startup here’s my 5 reason why it should be a startup.

While you can learn and get help from your nice colleagues in MNC, at startup you can learn a lot other interesting things.

Pushing the limits
As a startup they need everyone to push there limits to find there new strength as this may not be available on established MNCs, you might wanna start at a startup.

You might get some friends in MNC but while it comes to startup most of them wants to start, needs help and are willing to help, making it a nice community.

No boss
Startup too have bosses but as they are in early phase  they are more of a friend, helper and mentor, so if you are new in office work you might wanna choose startup first.

If your startup grows you too will get credit of it unlike in MNCs you can use it in CV and show how much it has grown and what are the role you played in its growth.

This are not the only reasons sometimes they can give you lifelong friends, experience and if you are dedicated to work, journey in startup is lot more fun.