10 best place to learn serverless

1 . Serverless cloud development by qwicklabs

Qwicklabs is always my #1 resource for learning something cloud, for these article too. Its bitesize lessons makes it easy to grasp or remember concept even if you are taking quest or not.

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2 . Serverless full stack application on aws- serverless.com

It’s a tutorial or a course by serverless.com to teach about serverless and its implications for full stack development and various tricks to utilise it financially 


3. Microsoft learn

It has bite-size lessons, quizzes, some exercises, cute badges, you can always look how much you learnt or can take a quiz to refurbish your knowledge but most importantly a community to help with they want to try the stuff as the content progress for better grasping.


4 . 7- best serverless courses and aws lambda courses to learn in 2021-      medium

It’s a article by medium in which it explains what is serverless and why it’s important but also connects to lots of important resources to further proceed.


5 . Serverless- free code camp.org

 A collection of 73 posts on code camp. You can read them to understand serverless and what’s going on latest in it. 


6. Serverless computing solutions Google cloud

It’s Google cloud explaining what’s serverless and why you should use there serverless products. This article is nice for those who are new and want to get start, it has a video, some links to documentation, some other sources like there trusted partners and some examples.


7. What is serverless computing?- IBM cloud education

It’s IBM C.E. explaining serverless, it’s nice but as it’s from IBM C.E. it’s more of clearing concepts and confusions and getting little learner insight instead of promotion of service like in above article, it’s worth reading for students looking for serverless or wants to clear there basics.


8. What is serverless- gitlab

It’s a nice article by gitlab giving Idea of what is serverless and several open-source and big firm products you can get.


9. Serverless- the new stack

It’s a short 1 minute article discussing what big brains think about serverless, what it is, it’s profits and challenges.


10. What is serverless- cloudflare

It’s language is comparatively simple to above articles and it provides detail insights of serverless, if you’re jumbling in tough tech words can give this article a try.