Was Gandhi wrong

Ok, so let me make it clear, I’m writing it because I know his autobiography and some other literature of that time.

Many say Gandhi was Racist about Africans and didn’t fight for black people.
When he reached Africa Indian merchants had a far better life there(compared to native Africans) and in that colonial time it was nearly impossible to make govt give some good rights, so he had to play small first. He fought for little rights of Indians couse there they have education and money to make pressure and start changes many others were fighting like him so it was a good start and solving in pieces is how he gave freedom to India(it’s not like India got freedom from one movement it was succession of events, movements, rights that made Britishers slowly give rights to Indian).
And for all the documentation and stuff of that time sorry but all wise guy knows about propaganda, narratives that time every resource of information was controlled by whites even if they try acting well you know deep down they are just harshly judging(I know this point will be hard to clear for some.).

Treated women and low cast badly.
He had done lots of good things to remove discrimination(this is more hard topic then second one) when you are between people who have lots of discrimination in mind and you want to correct them you have to start small not like give education and abuse your wife but he respected his wife from whole heart but for others, he made like educate them later treat with respect too.
Also even if he seems great like Budha or written characters like Optimus, superman(where I believe his morals are far stronger than our most moral fictional characters even now. He has given all his life rechecking his ideas improving himself morally so it’s really hard our fictional characters can reach that height.)

I’m not saying to worship him or idealize him just be as hard critique as you can but remember that all info was recorded by those who were deep inside biased or willing to spread propaganda.