How satellite data can make companies rich

“Data is the new Fuel” Every company needs data, but now they are no longer dependant on digital resources, now they can get actual real world data, you can never ask your costumer what are they going to purchase after purchasing your product or why they prefer your competitors product over your’s, but now you can know and multiply your profit heavily. 

For a long time satellite data was on military’s hold but now things are changing, with advances of AI and ML now everyone can utilize satellite imagery for themselves and in there own unique way and governments are supporting the same. 

Here’s some facts from allied market research

Satellite Data Services Market to Reach $19.36 Bn, Globally, by 2027 at 19.1% CAGR: Allied Market Research”

Now how you can utilize

Data- the biggest profit is data, the more data you have the more profit you get. Companies are using techniques like web scraping to get data, know their market, and competitor; and you can use it as same but it’s real world data, how much customers are coming in your or your competitors firm or even how much they are earning. 

Surveillance-  you can have an eye on product delivery and management so you always know on-ground data, except for softwares products it works everywhere. 

Security- you can ensure the safety of products way ahead of CCTV era.

Here are some well known Indian firms to have you start

Dimension IGIS



Names doesn’t stop here as it’s a growing industry, they will analyze and refine the data as per your need. 

Here’s link of some free isro courses to give more grasp.

Always remember that in business, or anywhere one with the most data wins. In these era of competition you must always be equipped with latest tech to give your customer best, and satellite data is just what you need to have an edge. 


From allied market research

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