Serverless does it have servers?

Serverless does it have servers?

Or it has something more exciting.

For those who know about cloud or are interested about it must have heard this word once “serverless”. As confusing as it sounds it has created a lots of myths around this like

Is serverless actually server less?

Is serverless and FaaS really same?

If you are curious about this or just wanna know serverless let’s find out together. Also we will be taking some important questions like why you should learn/know serverless, does your enterprise actually need serverless? Let’s find out together.

The first thing is what is serverless-

According to cloudflare- serverless computing is a method of providing back-end services on an as-used basis.¹

Also serverless framework is free opensource framework build for developing lambda a serverless computing platform of amazon. So what serverless basically means is rather than managing your server together with application you let the server provider manage it. This way you can focus more on application you are writing. You give them the code and they will imply this on server and will charge you based on traffic and services. so serverless doesn’t means having no server but means having no hussle of servers.

Many times FaaS and serverless are taken as replaceable words but are they same? 

While serverless is a broad term Serverless computing can be divided in two types

BaaS(back-end as a service)

FaaS(function as a service)

so FaaS is a type of serverless computing.

Now why should you learn/know serverless? It’s simple as it’s a growing field if you want to use it in firm, in your career or if you just want to feed your curiosity you should learn/know it.

Does you enterprise or you need it?

The big part of you decision depends on

Time- if you have time to manage back-end issue or you love doing it you can leave serverless

Money- It also depends on how well you can manage finances.

Knowledge- Also you should know you or the  human resource you hold how well they have knowledge about back-end or functions or will it be better leaving on serverless.

Hope this feeds your queries.