The earliest historical mention to Bodhidharma is the Luoyang jia local area network Jemaah Islamiyah. ( The History of the Monasteries of Luoyang” ) written by Yang Xuanzhi in 547 A. D. Yang claims to hold personally visited the Yong Ning Temple and to hold met there an old Iranian Barbarian” ( alien ) named Sramana Bodhidharma. who stated that he was 150 old ages old. The Buddhist bookman Guifeng Zongni ( 780-841 ) quoted an old Buddhist Koan ( conundrum ) that asks. Why did Bodhidharma come from the West? ”

Dao Zuan’s Xu Government Accounting Office seng zhuan ( Biographies of Eminent Tang Monks” ) . written in 645. gives the earliest record of Bodhidharma’s life. The 2nd most of import life is Dao Yuan’s Jing de zhuan deng Lu ( The Records of Transmission of the Lamp” ) . compiled in 1004.Many Hagiographas have traditionally been credited to Bodhidharma himself. but current scholarly sentiment maintains that none is reliable. Mainstream Buddhist tradition holds that Bodhidharma arrived in China in 520. although there are historical indicants that he may hold arrived in 470. or even every bit early as 420.

There is no understanding as to the path he traveled or where he arrived foremost. Some say he traveled by sea. risking his life over the looming moving ridges. ” from Madras in southern India to Guangzhou and so by land to Nanjing.Other bookmans believe that he walked a well-beaten trail over the Pamir Plateau. across the desert and along the Yellow River to Luoyang. the provincial capital and centre of Chinese Buddhist civilization. In any instance. the journey from India is agreed to hold been long and unsafe. Bodhidharma is thought to hold been born in Kanchipuram. near Madras. India. the 3rd boy of a local male monarch and therefore a member of the caste of warriors and swayers. At the age of seven he supposedly began doing observations of precocious wisdom ( e. g. The head is a jewel” ) .

His instructor. Prajnatara. changed the boy’s name from Bodhitara to Bodhidharma. Following his father’s decease. Bodhidharma served Prajnatara for many old ages distributing Buddhism. Upon Prajnatara’s decease Bodhidharma left his monastery in India to follow his master’s last wish that he travel to China and spread the instruction. Bodhidharma traversing the Yanstze Rover on a reed Bodhidharma is said to hold resided a piece in the tribunal of the Emperor Wu Dai ( 465-550 ) .

but left after make up one’s minding that the emperor was non sufficiently appreciative of his instruction.He traveled to the northern portion of the state by traversing the Yangtze River ( harmonizing to one version.

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