Covid effected the Engineering students and ways to cope up once the college’s reopens

Since the start of 2020 the world has been witnessing a health calamity with uncertain implications.
The coronavirus pandemic or covid-19 has created havoc causing immense damage in terms of loss
of human lives, financial and economic shortfalls and affected student’s education.

We, the students, I feel, are among those whose lives took an unalterable turn. The school or
college going community had to suddenly shift in-class action to onscreen lectures and
demonstrations. The students understood that theory classes can be done from home. Students can
get notes and study materials online. But the Engineering students or students from technical
background are lacking behind as they are not attending the practical classes. Practical classes are of
utmost importance for any technical students to work further in any technical field after graduation.

So, when the colleges will reopen now, the students need to focus on some topics and need to know
where they need to focus now.

Students need to attend more laboratory/practical classes once the college reopens, as we know
now that theory can be done online and we can gain theoretical knowledge by attending different
online video lectures, PDF notes etc. available on the internet.

Students must participate in events or exhibitions, they should know what projects can be made, the
topics that are needed in order to have a strong grip on the subjects. One must take technical fests
seriously and make new projects. If one is not making them, at least he/she can spectate others’
work or the events.

Once the college reopens, start looking for industrial training, start looking for companies or
workshop jobs (odd/even jobs) which one needs to gain experience.
If students want to start their own company, they must start once the college reopens, especially
the final year students can start their own projects or can start-up with innovation and implement
their skills and potential.

There would always be an increasing demand for creative reasoning, design thinking and problem-
solving skills looking at the current recruitment trends.

In a nutshell, the whole engineering fraternity will have to let go of the traditional mindset and think
out of the box to find innovative solutions to the way forward.

As the dust settles down on these outbreaks, the new dawn would bring in new challenges of
survival and those who adapt and adopts faster will win the race.

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