Few Facts about   Grandparents’ Day

On occasion of Grandparents’ Day or National Grandparents’ Day which   is celebrated in various countries, I offer my respect to all the grandparents of the world in general and offer my Pronam to my grandparents in particular.   It is celebrated to express the bonding between grandparents and grandchildren.

I had the opportunity to see my maternal and paternal grandparents (all four). So,  I feel lucky that  I got their blessings, their love , their affections which was altogether a different feeling to me . Many things I have learnt from them which are still in my mind and heart. Yes it is unfortunate that in many countries including in our country  father or mother  or both are kept in old age homes thus child/children miss the grandparent even grandparents.                               

I have recently seen a video where a teenage girl  met her grandma in an old age home. Her parents told the girls she had gone to another relative’s home but from school a programme was organised in that old age home. And incidentally when she met her both became highly emotional, a touchy video. This is a simple case of selfishness. Anyway, about the Grandparents Day few points I am highlighting based on the secondary sources – i) wincalendar.com/in/Grandparents-Day, ii) ndtv.com/india-news/grandparents-day-2021 and iii).aarp.org/content/dam/aarp/research/surveys_statistics

Grandparents’ Day is celebrated every year on the first Sunday after Labour Day, which is also the second Sunday of September. This year, it is being celebrated on 12 September, 2021. The fact behind the Grandparents’ Day is that a 9-year-old boy, Russell Capper, sent a letter to President Richard Nixon in 1969. The letter reportedly requested the President to set aside a day to celebrate the presence of grandparents. In 1973, the first Grandparents Day was announced in West Virginia and in 1978, a bill to proclaim National Grandparents Day was signed by US President Jimmy Carter. According to President Carter, “The elders of each family have the responsibility for setting the moral tone for the family and for passing on the traditional values of our Nation to their children and grandchildren”.

A few facts about grandparents may be highlighted here. Since 2001, the number of grandparents has increased by 24 percent (56 million to 70 million).By age of 65, almost all (96%) are grandparents. In 2030, one in every five residents will be 65 years plus. So the number of grandparents will be  more. Most grandparents have on an average, four to five grandchildren.

Lastly, I wish to mention our grandparents are part of our family and they will not be around forever with us. We need to cherish the moments we can with them and create lifelong memories as they are our assets as long as they survive.

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