Scroll, update, like, share, post, comment, read and so onit can be exhausting! It’s not just social media. gossip, memes, video calls, online shopping, the list is endless! We are constantly receiving streams of information to sort through, distracting us and engulfing us in a whirlwind of other peoples thoughts and opinions. While we can take advantage of the internet and the information it provides us, if we don’t take a break every now and then we end up getting caught up in digital noise and it becomes tiring. Tired of trying to keep up with everything and everyone. entrepreneur, the Internet is part of my job! As well as social media and that makes it even more important to take a break when possible.Because if you don’t, you might be overwhelmed! . did you want to talk to them about someone, or did you want to talk to them about someone, or did you call them.If they weren’t available, that was it. You can try again tomorrow! Internet allowed us to be reachable at all times. Which, of course, is amazing in many ways, but makes it easier for a social media site, most of us are members of four or five! the noise ? Do you take a little break and get back to basics? As an online business owner, its a good idea to take regular breaks to avoid being overwhelmed by everything. The best way to take a break is to disconnect or restrict your internet connection. access.Disconnect: Many people have started to go days without technology. They can choose a particular day of the week to shut down their technology and come back to real life! I know a few people who do this and they all describe how relaxed they feel after being disconnected! Access restriction: To restrict your access, you can set limits on the applications on your phone. For example, you can set that you can only log in to Facebook for one hour per day. After that, you can no longer log in. Parental locking your wifi is also a great way to have some free time. This should no longer be reserved for children! Setting it to turn off wifi on everyone’s devices at a certain time of day will give everyone a break. I admit that I haven’t made it a day without technology yet.However, I keep trying! I find limiting my access has made a big difference to me and once I‘m done writing this my phone goes to the drawer and I’m going to build a puzzle with my sister! (I know, so retro!) Until next time,

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