One thousand ways to make $ 1000


HEN Gustavus Swift, a youngster in knee breeches, dressed and sold his first
calf to the fisherfolk of Cape Cod, he laid the foundation of the largest meatpacking business in the world. The desire to make money—to have a business of
his own—was a driving force in the make-up of young Swift. In Barnstable, he
was known as a chap with a lot of “get up and go” to him. So it was not
surprising that when he felt the desire to make money, he didn’t waste his time
wishing, but took his courage in his two hands and started in the dressed beef
business in his dad’s backyard.

No doubt there were other young men in Barnstable who wanted to make money
too. But while they were wondering how they could make it, Gus Swift cut the
Gordian knot. It meant work for him. It was not a pleasant way to make money.
There was the possibility of his not being able to sell his calf after he had dressed
it. He had to walk miles in order to market his veal, for Cape Cod in those days
was a “spread out” sort of place.

But Swift didn’t care.

He wanted money

The work, the walking and the adventure were fun. And because he regarded
making money as fun instead of work, he later was able to come to Chicago and
start the great Swift packing business. How different from the average young
men of today! They are usually more interested in having a good time than they
are establishing themselves in a business of their own. Being in business is so
confining! So they concentrate on enjoying themselves, serene in their
philosophy that tomorrow is another day. If these people, and they are not all
young people either, worked half as hard at making money as they do at having a
good time, they would be rich.

Then there are people who are willing to work and do work hard at making
money, but they are not successful because they lack a target. They are like the
chap who hunts big game with a shotgun. They do a lot of shooting, but they bag
very little game. Next to being willing to pay the price of success in hard work,
the most important thing is to have a definite, clear-cut objective. Since it is
necessary to crawl before you walk, it is suggested that you make that objective

What you about this story of hard work and dedication