Writing To Impress

Source: Search Engine Journal

Content marketing is turning out to be a creatively challenging arena for the writers due to the increased use of content writing to promote every possible kind of business. Words have a vibe which are not only capable of attracting readers,but also can have an impact on them and thereby,to the business.
However,due to the over availability of the resources,loopholes and confusions are common issues while writing an article. However,It is important to identify the mistakes and the blunders in order to correct them. Given below are few points which lead to confusions,doubts,lack of information and content which thereby fails to create the driving factor.

Search for the knowledge: Writing takes time. An article is more than just a congregation of words regarding a topic. They are one’s perspective towards a topic and one’s presentation of the business which they represent. Absence of proper research and existence of doubts can be easily reflected from an article. Repetitive sentences and words, excessive technical details and complex points can indicate the less efforts which have been put into writing the article. For enhancing the interest in the article,the give topic has to be explored and understood in one’s own way. This renders originality to the article and portrays the individuality of the writer.

Punctuation And Grammer: Needless ro say,an article which has no proper format or punctuation can deflate the driving factor within seconds of its publication. Readers may find it difficult to read an article which lacks proper punctuations and grammer. Easy language and a simple and clean format can attract a receptive audience.

Google is not the content: In today’s reality where there can be hundreds of contents for one single( sometimes precise) topic,searching on google gives the readers an endless list. Endless choices. Then what makes your content unique? Its the writer’s curiosity to be creative and his absence of doubt regarding how might his content perform
The list of endlessness is equally available to the writer. Referring to multiple sources,without having the urge to understand the core topic can result in what we all know as plagiarism.
There are a thousands of writings prescribing different solutions & ideas. Some are just the replica of another. Considering our quick fix generation, it is only possible to hold the readers through something new. Something,which Google is not aware of. Something which is ‘authentic’.

You before Me: The major confusion which is faced while writing a content is regarding the balance between the use of ME and YOU wherein ME refers to the writer and the company. ‘YOU’ refers to the readers or customers. A common blunder to be seen in a content is its major focus on the company. Its products and schemes. Words like Using the company name again and again may annoy the reader after a certain point. They know what the company is all about. Tell them how it can benifit them. The driving factor behind a good content is to provide the readers with their own space in the writing where a link is created between what the business has to offer and how it can be beneficial to the reader. This link is to be created after a thorough understanding of the business’s products and intentions so that figuring out its purpose and benefits is quick and easy. But how to figure out the benefits in the best way?this takes us to our next point.

Empathy : As spiritual as it may sound,empathy towards your targeted audience is the key driving factor to bring the limelight to your writing. You have to relate to your readers. Imagine yourself as the audience and what you most probably would expect from the company’s products or schemes. Present the article in a way which communicates to the readers about their needs and not yours(that I was supposed to write an article,I have reached the word limit,I have mentioned the company, ‘I’ have written the solutions which ‘I’ think the company can provide. The End). While researching for writing articles or blogs,its not just the company which is to be understood but also the audience and what kind of wants they might have depending on the nature and schemes of the company.

Humour is an art: Speaking and writing,both are fields where adding a bit of something extra in a positive way can uplift the interest of the people. Just like a good speaker,through a smile and a pinch of relatable humour,can enhance the listener’s engagement and positivity,the writer can do the same to engage the readers more into their content. Lighthearted humour in the middle of an article can make it relatable and less monotonous for the reader. For example: While writing for a jewellery business,we may introduce different schemes with a light joke on how scary a one time payment seems like and how your company’s scheme can help delete the fear.Thus,one arrow,two targets. Customer engagement and creative marketing for the upcoming scheme.

Content writing is not speech giving: The content of an article should speak to the reader. It is written in the form of interaction(one way though). Writing an article considering it as a speech is just like mugging up something and vomitting it in front of a large audience while looking at the wall.
Open ended questions in the middle of an article not only engages the interest of the reader his mind too. It may make them more aware of their wants and they may take a step forward to buy your opinion and words.
Recommend the product,schemes or ideas rather than narrating its mere characteristics to the audience. Recommendations can be done creatively enough by speaking about the realistic problems of the readers and recommending the product based on the actual solution which the product is capable to provide.

Short And Sweet: Lastly,your content should be short and to the point. As your article is about marketing and not a novel or a story, lengthy articles may divert the attention of the readers. In a generation where solutions are available at a person’s fingertips,none really reads a lengthy article to find the bit which was meant for them. However,a clear knowledge and good understanding of the topic can make precision possible.Highlighting the important aspects,using short and interesting sub headings and adding pointers and bulletins attracts the full attention of the readers to the article. Using the proper words in the right places can save up our word limit to a huge extent

How many of the above mentioned points have you failed to acknowledge in the past?

With possible references and right guidelines one can start from scratch. Content writing is a competitive field. Improving and learning new methods abd concepts help us stay ahead and perform our best. Good things take time and as the saying goes,’Rome wasn’t built in a day’. Learn slow to perform efficiently.