Chasing your dreams is one of the most important goals in your life.”You become what you think in your life” if you realize your true potential, you can achieve anything in your life.If you are a UPSC aspirant keep focusing on your studies and be aware about the current affairs.Reading newspaper is one of the most important habit that you have to develop for preparing for UPSC exam.Newspapers like ; HINDU would be better for reading and you can also choose another News papers . There were lot of magazines which would help to understand the current affairs and general knowledge, one such magazine is Yojana.Developing a reading habit help you to memorize things. Smart work is considered as important rather than hard work.

How much time you spend for studying is not important ,you have to utilize your time qualitatively.Buying so many books and rushing through it few days before the exam is not preferable that is why you have to make a time table for reading the books.Before You go to sleep make sure that it is a productive day.Push yourself if you feel like demotivated.Do remember if you become an IAS officer or IPS officer there will be lot of challenges come before you so you have to solve that problems,so try to act bravely.UPSC do not test your IQ level rather they focus more on our common sense.You have to develop your method of preparation or you fail to develop your own study method you can go for a coaching class.Before you choose a coaching class be aware about the ability of teachers and can ask for the opinions of students.

We all have a role model in our life, pursuing the path of your role models or their studying strategies would help you to a great extend.Keeping a single minded devotion is needed for achieving your goals.UPSC aspirants can watch the interviews of people who cleared UPSC exam.By watching interviews you will get an idea about UPSC interview and help to score good marks.Personality test is something that will measure your true personality so you have answer the questions honestly.Try to cover all the topics wisely.Do not beat around the bush while answering the paragraph questions.Examiners only want points so you have to be careful in writing your answers and make sure to stick to the question’s intended answer.Group work sometimes help you in studies , making a students circle and discussing current affairs helps to scoring in general knowledge studies.

Continuous practice will lead you to success.How much effort you put to achieve something decides your future.People who comes from different strata of society have cleared if you check the history of UPSC exam.They are united in one aim UPSC. Nothing is impossible and we all have equal opportunities for achieving anything.If you have to materialize your dream the one thing that you have to do is to do smart work.Our mind sends a natural vibration to universe and the universe will help you to achieve the wish, if it can put in this ficticious way.To conclude keep the fire in you and achieve great heights.

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