In this year 2021 we are suffering from different kinds of contagious diseases like Covid -19,Black Fungus and White Fungus.Although there are lot of medical clinics in our coutry , people are unable to go there and take check ups.Health gadets are great remedial measure for such conditions. Health gadgets are more useful for people who were in containment zone and  for those  could not come out side due to poor transportation facilities.In our day- to –life   we may be not much  aware  about our health condition ,for example ; diabetic patients who are supposed to be more careful about their food.If   glucose level in blood increases or decreases it may cause major problems. In this occasions they can use health gadgets that are easily available in the market to check their glucose level in their blood while sitting in home.

              According to the existing rules in this year 2021, Government had adopted several safety measures to prevent the contagious virus named Corona. Social distancing became more and more stronger in recent days ,in this scenario people  started working from home and  gradually their health conditions are becoming worst. There were several health gadgets  are available in local medical shops and people can also buy it in online. It is very important to buy such health gadgets because  people can stay at home and  can check and update about their health condition.

In this year  we can see so  many people are affected with corona virus . Major reason for the death of the people who are affected with Corona virus is due to decrease of Oxygen level in their blood.There is a particular  health gadget ‘Oxymetre’  that is very useful for people to check their oxygen level without going to hospitals.In this way  in recent days the demand for health gadgets are increasing. Not for individual purpose only but the people who having the health gadgets can help their neighbours too.

     ‘  Break the chain’ and “ Stay home ,Stay Safe”  are the  slogans that we have been  hearing for past one  year , in order to obey , we have to find out  some remedial measures to stay home inorder to be safe.Due to the spread of corona virus , people are trapped and they could not go to hospitals because everywhere  there are corona wards.Some hospitals are never even admitting some patients that we have seen in news and pitiful conditions of some people.To conclude,  health gadgets  plays a crucial role in our life and it will  continue to be so.We can take this situation in a positive situation, as we all are trying to survive this pandemic.We have learnt many facts during these days.

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