Laputian’s are the   absentminded intellectuals who live on the floating island of Laputa, encountered by Gulliver on his third voyage. The Laputans are parodies of theoreticians, who have scant regard for any practical results of their own research. During Gulliver’s stay among them, they do not mistreat him, but are generally unpleasant and dismiss him as intellectually deficient. They do not care about down-to-earth things like the dilapidation of their own houses, but worry intensely about abstract matters like the trajectories of comets and the course of the sun. They are dependent in their own material needs on the land below them, called Lagado, above which they hover by virtue of a magnetic field. In the larger context of Gulliver’s journeys, the Laputians are a parody of the excesses of theoretical pursuits and the uselessness of purely abstract knowledge.


 The King of Laputa is a man of Mathematical obsession who explains the laws of his land to Gulliver. He thinks that the island below Laputa must obey the instructions and laws made by him,and if the people did not obeyed him, he would punish them.


Lord Munodi  is a person of the first rank.He had been Governor of Lagado but was  discharged for insufficiency.King of Laputa treated him with tenderness and as a well meaning man.He fell from grace with ruling elite by counselling  an approach to agriculture and land management in  Lagado, an approach that was rejected eventhough it proved successful when applied to his own estate.


 Governor of Glubbdrubdrib  has the power of calling  whom he pleases from the dead and commanding their service for twenty four hours.Glubbdrubdrib is the Island of sorcers and magicians.It is governered by the head of  a certain tribe,who  are all magicians. This tribe marries only among each other, and the eldest in succession is prince or governor.


Luggnagg is an island kingdom. Those who appear before the king are required to lick the dust on the floor of his throne room. The king is so pleased with Gulliver that he arranges for him to stay in the palace and gives him some money to spend.Infact the king shows his affection for Gulliver by giving him money and presenting a letter of recommendation for his voyage to Japan.


William Robinson is a Cornish man and commander of the Hopewell.  He had always treated Gulliver  more like a brother, than an inferior officer.He is an honest man. William Robinson has commanded ships on which Gulliver has travelled before and always treated him well, even as an equal rather than a subordinate.

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