The much awaited season 2 of Kimetsu No yaiba or Demon slayer is finally set to arrive on December 5th 2021, but before the anime returns it will get a brief revisit of the Mugen train Arc which will be split into 7 episodes airing from October 10th with a complete original first episode , new cuts and background score which focuses on the story of Rengoku Kyojuro aka the flame hashira. This set of new episodes will not exactly be what viewers already saw in Mugen train movie but rather will try to seamlessly connect the bridge between season 1 and season 2. As for Demon slayer’s actual new season, it will start off with an hour long special episode, which would premiere on 5th December. The season would start with manga’s Entertainment District Arc, which will introduce the series’ latest major Demon Daki.

If you haven’t already watched the Mugen train movie, it is available on online streaming platforms like Hulu, Crunchyroll and Funimation and the season 1 is available on netflix It is yet to be known which online platform would stream season 2 .