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Let’s start with knowing that what is Kodi software and why one should have it.

What is Kodi software?

Initially released in 2002 [as Xbox media play], in 2003 [as Xbox media centre]. Kodi software application is developed by the XBMC Foundation, Kodi is a free and open-source media player software application, it’s a non-profit technology consortium. It’s a 10-foot user interface with television and remote controls.

With a view of most streaming media such as podcasts, music, videos and views from the internet, one can access all Common digital media. These are some of its platform PowerPC, IA-36, ARM and x64(x84-64). Available in 12[75 including incomplete translations] language. HTPC it’s is a multi-platform home-theater PC application. Kodi is highly customizable so allow it’s users to stream media content via online services such as Crackle, Amazon Prime Internet Videos, Pandora Internet Radio, Spotify and Youtube.

The later version of kodi has a (PVR) graphic front and end. All these available advantages make Kodi a great software to be utilized.

 Let’s now dive into how to download Kodi for free.

Already millions of people are enjoying this great software for free. Kodi is running on the most common processer architectures, iOS, Android, MOS X and Windows operating systems.

How to download : select your platform

As Kodi supports a large range of devices and operating systems, it is multi flavour. Simply select your platform in which you want to install Kodi on and enjoy Kodi.