# "death with dignity"


When countries are facing crisis in the form of protests that simply means government and others should focus on their needs. Protests emphasized on the fact that we do have problems in our countries which we need to address as early as possible. Protests are a wake call to the […]

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Tuberculosis in New self reliant India 2020

Tuberculosis is a pandemic globally become significant health threat in many countries. India top the list of having most tuberculosis patients. TB is airborne disease. Every year, India estimated TB patient is 28 lakhs, which is 27 per cent of the global total, almost 1200 TB patient die everyday, 10 […]

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Euthanasia refers to deliberate action taken with the intention of ending a life, in order to relieve persistent suffering. It is performed by doctors when requested by people to put and end to illness and a lo of pain. In most countries, euthanasia is against the law and it may carry […]

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