Significance of Biodiversity

Biodiversity in simple words is the biological diversity or the variety of life forms that can be found on earth as well as to the communities that they form and the habitats in which they live. Biodiversity provides us with various benefits directly or indirectly, it plays numerous functions which can be classified as : ecological, economical and social benefits. It maintains balance in the ecosystem by :
✓ Recycling and storage of nutrients
✓ Fighting pollution
✓ Stabilising climate
✓ Maintenance of water resources
✓ Replenishment of Soil and control of soil erosion
Economically provides us with all raw materials for industries, helps in meeting our medical needs and more importantly provides us with food. The biodiversity looks after us in all the aspects in one hand and on the other hand it repairs all the destructions caused by us.

Biodiversity is the basis for our survival. But we human beings are the major reason for its destruction. We are not only pushing other species to danger but slowly demolishing the habitat that we live in, further paving way towards our extinction.

The saddest part is that though most of us are aware of these facts, we are not paying attention to it. But we need to realise the fact that each and every action of us has an impact on the world. We can’t pass out a day without making changes or influencing our surrounding. The process of conservation is incomplete without our participation.So we must realise the need or the urge for conservation of biodiversity. Everyone must be aware of its importance and work towards preserving our future.