Post covid lifestyle

Finally we can say we have reached the transaction period after 2years of fight with the panadamedic . We have been looking forward to it very much. This lifestyle tho is not as we expect it has been . Cooped up for a long time humans have lost the comfort to open up to people in person. Adults suffer from mental health problems such as stress, depression, and high level of competition in the workplace. 

Children fear opening up , going to school and college, making new friends. Many think it is very unnecessary points to focus, but it is for people who suffer.Many are facing severe financial crunch, mental health issues, economies shut down, and struggling to meet ends for each day. More than half the population have been pushed below the poverty line according to the UN’s statistics. 

Focusing on all these problems, people are coming up with solutions to solve these. Humans have always been beating such diffulities – source ‘history’. It all began with acceptance to reality, to the loneliness and pain and frustration we all had to go through. 

First step is very simple as to return to daily life where you-  Eat, Play music in traffic, meet people, miss those who are gone.

Second, the failure which left you devastated makes that devastation tell you bye bye!! Think it’s a new beginning even if faced success thinks of ways to make things worth it.

Many have realised thankfulness, sorrow, loneliness, success , failure and such other things deeply. People had paused their lifestyle and taken a look behind everything they had done. This helps in our future plans to get out of the panadamedic effect. Think what is that we always did, what is wrong we wished we correct, what ambitions still pending, what bad things we should cut out, things we missed out in life. It’s good that your here now to do this! 

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