A state of being alone is what we’ve understood about Solitude.Is it true? Does the meaning of solitude is only about being isolated,becoming an introvert or it has another viewpoint too.

We’re humans & it is said that we’re social animal,we need some connections we need relations in our lives fair enough but to relinquish ourselves to those relations for everything is not fair at all.

  • Why we’ve turned into someone who needs another being for survival ?
  • Why it has become difficult for us to think of moving alone in our lives ?
  • Why are we so scared of alone ?

Yet solitude is not as scary as we all think of it.

  • It is a power to ourselves.
  • We realize a lot.
  • We discover ourselves.
  • We introspect a lot of things within.
  • We turn ourselves into someone who has the ability to scrutinize.

At the end of the day the fact is we’re ( an individual ) main character of our own story and we’ve serve ourselves more than anyone else,we gotta help ourselves more than anyone & same goes in case of company we shall accompany ourselves the most than anyone else should.

As a matter of fact we own ourselves & we should be there for ourselves more than being around others.

Let us sense the flavor of this beautiful company of our own SOLITUDE.

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