You Must Try These Bihari Cuisines Before You Die

Dal Poori:

It doesn’t only sounds delicious but it taste even better. We, Indians are crazy for poori’ and dal poori is another level of happiness to the list.The mixture of gram flour with a lil of chatpata masala stuffing of the puri makes it yummier and though it’s a Dussehra special recipe, one need not have to wait for any such special occasions.
The Dal poori is served even in normal days in a Bihari family with a spicy ‘sabji’ or curd.

Dal Poori

Parwal ki Mithai:

The amazingly delicious sweet made of Vegetable! Parwal ki mithai is quite a famous sweet in Bihar. Though it is made out of Parwal which is a vegetable, it is fantabulous to taste, and is made by stuffing the pointed gourd with khoya, giving it the right balance of sweet, salty and healthy. If you havent tasted this unusual mithai, dont give it a miss.

Parwal Ki Mithai

Pedakiya :

Pedakiya is the Bihari version of Gujiya. It is Bihar’s most famous fried sweet, it is made by stuffing flour stuffed with suji (semolina), khoya or grated coconut and is made on almost every festival. Whether its Holi, Teej, Diwali or Chatt you can expect Pedakiya.


Khaja :

 Another name in the long list of amazing desert from Bihar. This wafery sweet snack is made from flour and sugar, is deep fried and then dipped in hot sugar syrup.Khaja is has a strong sweet taste, so all those who has sweet tooth can taste Khaja for sure. Silao ka Khaja is very famous.


 Litti Chokha :

The signature dish of Bihar and Biharis. If you have a Bihari friend, you must have tried Litti Chokha at least once in your life time.It is baked from wheat flour dough that is stuffed with a mixture of roasted gram flour, spices, lemon juice and pickle. And is served with chokha.Chokha is baked and pulped vegetables mixed with spices and onion.Litti these days are being served with chicken and mutton gravy as well for non Veg lovers.


Malpua :

Malpua is that sweetmeat to which all Biharis swear by for every special event and festival. Whether it’s Holi or Eid, Durga Puja or Ramzan the festival is incomplete if you haven’t eaten Malpua. Its batter is made by mixing flour, milk, sugar and mashed bananas and is deep fried in such a way that the edges go all crispy while the center is all soft. Mouth watering isn’t it? Tust me, if you are a sweet tooth, you cannot resist Malpua.



Thekua is one of the most important ingredient  of ‘Chatt’ puja in Bihar. Ask any Bihari friend the occasions when this sweet is made at home and they all will say the same.Thekua or Khajuria is a snack made from wheat flour; jaggery or sugar mixed together, molded and deep fried in ghee.



Stick Crackers: This snack made of flour and salt is deep fried. It is one of the perfect snack for evening chai.


The Bihari Kadi budi:

kadhis, from different parts of the country. The Bihari kadhi is a one that uses badi(pakoda) dumplings. It is considered inauspicious in Bihar to prepare plainkadhi without any dumplings.

Kadi badi

Tilkut :

Tilkut or bars of sesame seeds – a sweet cracker made by mixing the seeds either with jaggery or sugar – that is indelibly linked to Gaya, the birthplace of Buddhism, has been growing patrons not only in Bihar, but also in neighbouring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh, and also the US. Come Makar Sakranti and every possible sweet shop in Bihar will sell one of these.

Bihari Cuisine


Bihari peda-


This snack made of flour, is deep fried and dipped in sugar syrup. As the sugar syrup cools off, it crystallizes.

khurma shakarpala

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