Being introvert

An introvert is often thought of as a shy, quiet, calm and reserved individual having minimal social interactions. Social engagements and special attention are not what an introvert looks for. Instead, introverts find more comfort in solitude and focusing on inner thoughts and ideas. Investing more of their time in reading, writing, creativity, music and art is what energises them. Social gatherings might not be their interest but alone time is what they prefer most.

Following these traits introverts are often misunderstood.

Misconception no.1: Introverts are shy

Being shy is not the same as being introvert. Introverts enjoy solitude and tend to be reserved and prefer being alone or in small groups. This is often mistaken as being shy.

Misconception no.2: Introverts are rude

Introverts value their privacy and don’t believe much in expressing their emotions publicly. This tends people to dislike them and mistake them for being rude or weird at times.

Misconception no.3: Introverts are boring

Socializing in gatherings and parties and hanging out with peers might not be their kind of thing but that doesn’t make introverts boring. Time spent with inner circle of friends and family in a low key environment is more valuable for them.

Misconception no.4: Introverts can’t make friends

Introverts need their time to open up to new relationship. When it comes to befriending someone, introverts choose to have close friends, though less in number. They prefer smaller circle and high quality relationships.

Misconception no.5: Introverts are underconfident

Our society equates confidence with boldness, strong statements and actions directed externally which come naturally to extroverts. On the other hand, introverts don’t believe in the public display of confidence. Even though they feel confident inside, they don’t show much of it on the outside. Keeping emotions to themselves is natural in introverts.

Misconception no.6: Introverts are emotionless

Keeping emotions to themselves is natural in introverts. They have great control on their emotions and avoid expressing the same publicly. Though introverts might not seem to be emotionally engaged but usually that’s not the case.

Misconception no.7: Introverts wish to be extroverts

Sometimes, introverts might envy the abilities of extroverts to fit quickly and naturally to any social environment. But they do take great joy in being themselves and the delight of being in their own inner world. Being introvert is a gift where one enjoys equally self company and the company of others and wishing to be someone else is not the desire.

Misconception no.8: Introverts can turn into extroverts some day

Introversion is a personality trait which can either degrade or upgrade but never change. It is similar to wine which will only get better with aging but never change into something else i.e. one can grow up to be a mature introvert but not an extrovert.

We live in a fast growing world where chatty behaving individuals are preferred over the quite listeners. Many introverts find it difficult making their way through this scenario. However, introversion must be observed as a gift- a gift of thoughtfulness, compassion and creativity. Introverts are considerate, compassionate, deep thinkers, natural writers, problem solvers, keen observers, good listeners and readers- everything the world needs today.

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