How will Covid-19 Pandemic Affect Online Marketing?

The COVID-19 had wreaked havoc all around the globe. The lockdown crisis had drastically impacted the world economy. All the sectors are facing a downfall that will have major implications down the decade. However, the aftermath of the crisis could be minimized with the master invention of humans, i.e., the internet. It is not wrong to predict that the online marketing trend would witness a change due to the Covid-19 pandemic. To minimize the drastic effects and maintain the subsequent sales and responses, some trends and tactics have been adopted and practised by online marketers.

The Change in the Trend of Online Marketing

Online marketing is witnessing a shift in trend due to the pandemic. The demands of customers have been changing. Therefore, to adapt to the changing demands and be flexible, variant brands and businesses are adopting different measures. Bulk-buying and online shopping has been some of the changing behaviours observed in shoppers amid the crisis. Online marketing has been preferred because:

  • Many physical stores had been shut down(lockdown)
  • The fear and restrictions on public gathering
  • Research claimed that there is a possibility of destruction of the virus via shipping as it takes a few days to reach the consumer and is exposed to different physical conditions.

Retail Impact

Consumers all across the world had been focusing on essential and thus, demand for luxury goods retailers and manufacturers are seeing reduced demands and hence, downfall. The unusual purchasing patterns are affecting both supply and consumption chains. The uncertainty of the time is attracting more consumers online. The online grocery stores in the US observed a 300% rise in order after the declaration of a pandemic.

Many businesses are adapting to the changing times to provide a stable medium for providing essentials. About 60-70% of customers are opting for online deliveries for household and essentials and there is a shift from traditional to online marketing.

The Significance of Online Marketing During Pandemic

The Covid-19 crisis had made online marketing our saviour.

Small Business and Firms

The online marketing has helped many small businesses and firms due to its increased connectivity and convenient advertising options. It has enabled them to be in operation despite not being able to operate their physical stores. The silver lining is the cutting down of expenses by several industries on their campaigns as most of them are now opting for internet advertisement.

Approach to E-mails

E-mails have always been a powerful and cost-effective tool for the outreach of different types of consumers. In the present scenario, the business owners and marketers are overwhelmed with the responses to e-mail benefits. A good e-mail campaign can effectively deal with the present pandemic.

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