The Beginner’s Ultimate Frostpunk Guide: 5 Essential Tips to Survive and Thrive

Set in an alternate universe in 1886, the survival city building, resource management game compels you to take intractable and complex decisions for your city to survive and thrive. The challenging yet amazing game presented by Polish Indie developers, the 11-bit studio put you in charge of a community where you are responsible for keeping them warm, fed, healthy and happy at a freezing temperature where the crops have failed and they all are homeless. What would you do first? Try to keep the community warm? Fetch food, gather or hunt? Erect buildings but of what kind? Or develop technologies? Make stringent laws for keeping the peace?

Sounds too much right? Don’t fret. We are here with our ultimate beginner’s frost punk guide!

Observe and Gather

Observe and watch out for resources in the initial stage by pausing the game. Assign every worker to gather. You can add 30 on coal, 30 on wood and 5 on steel. Make sure none of your workers remain idle during working hours. Watch out if they have reached their working capacity and accordingly change their positions. In the initial stages have a keen eye on everything.

Build and Provide

Start building early and build as many workshops as you can (you do get a speed bonus for every new building: upgrade your tech). Furnish your community with food and shelter firstly to increase their survival chances. Building a medical post, cookhouse and hunter’s hut should be your priority as they are the key to survival.

Technology Tree

The technology tree is concerned with increasing technological advancements, functioning and efficiency of your community. It is divided into 4 categories. Work on completing the first level of research so that extractive buildings can be unlocked. In a gilded city, the main concern is to keep it warm, so, therefore, initially unlock ‘heater’s technology and work on hunter’s efficiency.

Law and Order

Now, here comes the tricky part, introducing laws! Remember it shows your approach to community, morals and tolerance and control. Some laws might increase discontent while providing you with other needs as food. Apply laws with caution and be certain of your approach. Some laws are selected like ‘child labour’ and ‘radical therapy’. ‘Double rations’ and ‘fighting arena’ might increase content and welfare. Be cautious of some laws like the ‘duelling law’.

Scout and Experiment

One of the most important and underrated pieces of advice in the frost punk guide is to scout as often as possible and never be afraid to experiment. There is a lot to find out in the grim yet grand land of frost punk. The more you scout, the better you find and increase the chances of your survival.

Apart from the essentials don’t forget to upgrade, manually look into things, find alternatives and most importantly enjoy. Relish while playing this adventurous game that will keep you on your toes.The game is popular among people who love building and experimenting. So, set on the adventurous journey with our ultimate frost punk guide!