Top Free Video Conferencing Tools

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the world is in quandary regarding different adaptation methods relating to work culture. To bolster the growing needs of people from different walks of life there had been introduced several alternatives. The most effective so far had been video conferencing tools. It is essential to communicate to run a business or to even convey an idea. The video conferencing tools fulfil the requisites either it is of an online marketer or a student. To ensure the safety of the workers as well as not to limit productivity, there are top free video conferencing tools.


The free video conferencing app empowers employees’ flexibility, working remotely from home. Features:   

  • User-friendly: The app is easy to use for meetings of decent duration. It also offers messaging solutions.
  • Affordable: The free-tier app broadens its variant users. It is convenient for both workers as well as students.
  • Supports a large number of participants: The free video conferencing tool can supports 100 members at the same time. It is suitable for large gatherings.

Therefore, the zoom app is highly recommendable owing to its scalable features and quick and easy set-up.

Google Meet

One of the widely preferred apps when it comes to top free video conferencing tools. Google meeting had now been advanced as per the needs of the people all around the world.

  • Free-tier: The google meet is now free for people having Gmail accounts. It has been improved as per the increasing needs.
  • Supports large participants: It now allows 100 participants on the video call at once.
  • Secured: Google meet is reliable because of its security assurance.


Skype has widened its parochial option which allowed only to stay connected with friend and family. It supports business meetings as well, allowing up to 50 participants at once.

  • Live subtitles: The app allows live subtitles during the meeting.
  • Can be opened in a web browser: Invitations to people can be sent via email, allowing them to join the meeting without being the app installed.
  • Affordable: Skype is a free video-conferencing app. However, Skype for business is a low-paid upgrade.


The FreeConference tool is apt for International video calls. It is suitable for small businesses meeting, allowing only 5 members at once.

  • International dial-up: It allows International meetings dial-up for small, private meetings.
  • User-friendly: It is easy to use with chat and recording options available. It is easy to customize and use.
  • Budget-friendly: The powerful free version of the app serves several purposes.

Cisco Webex Meetings

The free version of Cisco Webex Meetings do not disappoint its users with its high degree security and available features.

  • Supports substantial users: Cisco WebEx meetings allows Hd video conferencing with 100 participants at one go.
  • 1GB cloud storage: The free version of the app provides 1GB cloud storage with unlimited meetings for endless time.


The free version of the app is convenient as well because of the scalable feature provided.

  • Screen and document sharing: The app allows screen and document sharing. It allows 10 participants at once to attend the meeting.
  • Unlimited conferences with decent duration: The free version allows unlimited conference meetings with a duration of 45 minutes.
  • Call recording: Apart from providing Hd audio, it enables call recording feature as well.

LifeSize Go

The free version provides decent features. It is ideal for remote workers and small business groups.

  • Screen sharing: The app allows screen sharing and is available for up to 8 participants.
  • Unlimited video time: There is no restriction on the time length of video meetings.

Slack Video Calls

Slack Video calls are user-friendly and ideal for small meeting groups.

  • Message: The app provides messenger and supports up to 15 members.
  • Individual calls: Individual calls adds icing on the cake to the SlackVideo Calls.

Instagram, Facebook and Youtube live options have also gained relevant popularity owing to its variant options and user-friendly mode.

‘Work from home’ trend and ‘online classes’ are being practised widely in present times. The top free video conferencing tools make the task convenient for the users all around the globe.