Feed your soul with some Astronomy….

Astronomy is a subject that produces a spark in everyone. Who doesn’t like gazing at the stars with awe or secretly trying to make a wish when looking at the falling stars or more precisely ‘meteors’ . As it is famously said-

You are not a human being looking at the Universe but the universe looking itself in human form .

Some say, time travel is impossible but often we don’t realise that when gazing at the night sky , you are literally looking millions of years into the past. This thought can make anyone’s heart dance and excite them to explore such a gigantic cosmos.

Astronomy takes your imagination to the next level. We are connected to this field since the arrival of human on this planet. From ancient times , farmers used sky to decide the sowing seasons of crops, astrologers for predicting fortune and astronomers for making calendars and navigation routes for ships. Our ancestors knew the significance of Sun and thus worshipped it. The ancient Mayan Civilisation and Egyptians constructed the pyramids in such a way that their location coincided with that of the positions of the Constellations above.

Certainly this suggests that Astronomy is in our blood . Renowned astronomer Carl Sagan quoted “ The Cosmos is within us. We are made up of star stuff. We are a way for the Universe to know itself.” By studying Astronomy , you understand there are no limitations to what we can achieve, you surrender yourself and your ego before this humongous Cosmos, you feel free and connected to the Nature. If one is interested in going to the depths of this field , one can follow these tips:

1) Be curious- Curiosity kills fear more than courage will ever do.

2) Be patient- Good things take time.

3) Seek knowledge and wisdom- Your soul is most happy when you are in a learning state.

4) Be truthful- A scientist must always be truthful to herself/himself and to the world. Truth is the ultimate thing that a being chases.

5) Be fearless- Know in your mind that you are as old as this Universe and there is nothing to be afraid of because we all are essentially same at the root level.

Always be hopeful because somewhere in this vast universe something incredible is waiting to be known.