Lost in the device

Instead of locking yourself in a piece of glass,

Look around dear friend,

There is lot of space.

You forget to count the starts every night,

You forget to enjoy the smell of rain,

And the warmth of the sunshine.

Missing out true friendships,

Ignoring your curious mind,

You are struck in a piece of silicon.

Go outside and enjoy mother nature,

She will teach you lessons,

And bring back the humanity in you,

It’s worth a try.

This is a poem which encourages the readers to go outside and explore the beauties of mother nature instead of wasting their time on social media/phones. Though there are a lot of advantages of using mobile phone, the risks are bizarre.

  • Addiction
  • Social comparison
  • Reduced attention
  • Personal data-stealing and abusing of information
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Isolation

We should make proper use of these devices but not get lost in them.

Categories: Editorial