Solutions emerge if the situation isn’t forced

Today, I was at leisure and ended up sitting in front of the Television. There, I suddenly came across the movie titled “M. S. Dhoni”. I know, I know, it is a very old movie but I don’t watch a lot of movies and I missed it. So, don’t judge me and bear with me for the rest of my article so that I can share with you what I concluded from the movie.

Hard work, smart work, dedication, determination, persistence, perseverance, faith, self discipline, hope- It all is definitely required to achieve success, I agree, but what is the most important of it all is passion for the commitment. You might want something in life, well who doesn’t? But wanting something is soo soo different from working for ‘it’ and working for ‘it’ is soo far away from wanting ‘it’ for you might not work for something you truly want, for God knows whatever reasons or even you know, and vice versa. And even when you do both, it is different from wanting just ‘it’. When you are at this stage when you want just ‘it’ in your life, when the ‘it’ doesn’t let you be, it is when your whole being works for ‘it’.

Have you ever tried faking been sick? Come on, we all did that when we were kids. They teach it at home. If you cry, you get candy. It’s just a better version, You cry, just lie and then school bye bye. So, do you remember how hard we worked to fake being sick. We had a solution to every possible obstacle between us and that god-damn sick leave. And what’s the highlight is, no one wanted us to be at home. It was just us. And so we had every stone turned and every possibility thought-out. Just think, if all of our activities had the same passion, what could have happened? How difficult do you think it is for you to develop a passion towards any activity? Well, this isn’t something I am answering for you. You got to do this yourselves. But a hint, “IT AIN’T IMPOSSIBLE. DIFFICULT, CERTAINLY, BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE”. Why difficult? you ask. Well, your heart there won’t love everything you’re doing at all times, but, it needs to be done, right?

That being said, it isn’t possible ffor verything you do. Mot everythig is meant for you. but everythinng is posssible

NO ONE IS BORN TO DO ANYTHING. IT IS WWHAAT YOU WANT TO DO. what you choose to ddo that becomes your ddestiny

If you think I was bron to be a singger, you might =be wrong but that never means i caan’r be one.

When your mind and soul aligns to claim that one destiny that awaits just you, it doesn’t let anything come in your way. You can, now, proudly shout out to the whole world- “Give me your best and I shall give you mine.” This is the first

Obstacles sbke rste mei ate haai. Make wining better.

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