Hello readers in this article I will be taking you around some beautiful towns of my state Maharashtra.

Being the Arabian Sea on the western coast and the Sahyadri mountains around it, Maharashtra state is said to be heavenly mesmerising. From absolute, sand beach of white colour towns with classical and immemorial temples, to hill stations with greenery and free from pollution, here are some most beautiful towns gives you the reason to visit the second most populous state of India, Maharashtra.


Nighoj a small village, which had been recovered near Kukadi river in one of the District of Maharashtra, Ahmednagar, has fascinated many geologists from all around the world because of its blissfully created region – or depressions – in the boulder made by the water of river. People who are less curious about the procedure behind its genesis, the spot is still a treat for eyes a glimpse not to miss. The Malganga temple located by the riverside is a worth to visit.


The village situated facing the beach with one cleanest, white-sand beaches in the Maharashtra. The 400-year-old Ganpati temple situated at the beach and people living there mostly locals believe the Ganesha temple have sprung up from the soil. Even though the population is not more than 500, the village also have few resorts for the hospitality purpose for tourists and pilgrims seeking to visit the temple.


Matheran, is just a distance of two hours outside Mumbai, gives you the sight of one of the purest forms of nature, considering the town with no-engine vehicles and pollution free policy. The town’s iconic toy train, and the spots for hikes has attracted the attention of many tourists travelling there. It is observed as the best place for Mumbaikar’s to take break from the city life.


Representing the unique beauty of Maharashtra, this small village is located adjacent to beach surrounded by orchards, showing the best combination of sea and nature. This town is also residence to the Roopnarayan Temple, were there is a 900-year-old idol temple of Lord Vishnu. The town is observed to be small, but lively, markets with eco-friendly products are also a sight to have a look.



This town will definitely make you to stop during your tour to have the glimpses of the historic Ajanta and Ellora caves, but the peculiar Mughal architecture and deep historical significance makes Aurangabad one of the most beautiful town offered by the Maharashtra. Bibi Ka Maqbara, built by Azam Shah, son of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, in memory of his mother, Dilras Banu Begum these epic architects made Aurangabad the home of many historical monuments. The Maqbara – or mausoleum – is observed to be a replica to the Taj in Agra.


This small village nested in the Sahyadri mountains with not more than 300 population is the location to one of the most beautiful forts in Maharashtra. The Rajmachi fort – shows the importance in history of Maratha – is also well-known destination for trekking, particularly among Mumbaikars seeking a weekend holiday.

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