Slum tourism in developing country

What comes to your head when you listen to the word developing country? How do you imagine developing countries? Some say developing countries are the countries lacking in capital, resources, infrastructure, revenues, and many more things. So with this, the main target of developing countries becomes to grow in the capital, money. Now here comes the slums that exist in abundance in these developing countries. What do you think can slum tourism help the people of slums and these developing countries in any way? let’s discuss, firstly we need to understand that most people consider slum people completely helpless and they don’t even prefer going there for tourism and instead they prefer going in the urban areas. Sometimes people from foreign countries do want to visit these slums and the government of developing countries must encourage slum tourism. The benefit that will come to these slum people when slum tourism will be encouraged will be that they will get the opportunity to grow economically, when foreigners will purchase something from the residents, then their sell will surely increase. Slum people will also be able to show their talents to others and there will be chances for more job creation. And when there will be job creation, the country will automatically develop as in the sense people will have a better lifestyle and a developing country will move towards being the developed one. Slum tourism will help the people change their perception towards the people living over there. These slums are called slums because there is a lack of connectivity, the horizon of vision of people is very much limited for these slum people. People don’t even bother to show some visit or any kind of awareness for these people. But when slum tourism will be there, people will come to know about the problems these people face and will try to connect to these people. When this connectivity will increase then definitely government will start focusing more on these areas and will pay more heed to the developmental tasks that should be performed for the benefit of these people. We all are very well aware that westernization has completely taken place in the urban area and robbed the national culture. But when tourists want to see the national culture then they will only be able to see that in the slum areas because their people live simply and are not at all aware of the determination and perform all the customs and rituals. So, we just can’t remove the slums but at least we can try to make the slum people grow and so that they can also try to put some effort into making their country a developed one. We can simple just not stop slum tourism just because we want to hide our poor sides of the country from the world instead we should make others as well as socially aware and give them a chance to grow, chance to improve because hiding the flaws won’t let us get rid of them but working on them will help us to get them slowly fade away.

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