Loving means to let go

About 3 months back, our cat gave birth to 4 adorable little munchkins. Especially, one of the 4, with a coffee brown colored fur, as soft as a cloud, big blue eyes and an adorable pink colored nose. It had caught my eyes and I was adamant on keeping him. But alas! We already had a dog and a male cat, both of whom were clearly not appreciating the recent addition to their family and so my mother decided that all of the kittens had to go. It had all happened about 1 month back.

And so the search began- the search for perfect loving safe house for the cats. And we found one. But the cats were 4. And so my mother let the adoptee decide who very happily picked my little kitty. But, I was adamant on not letting go. If I couldn’t keep him for myself, I will at least keep him with me for as long as possible, I decided. And so, I didn’t let him go at the first chance he got nor at second and third. Now, we aren’t meeting any more people who are willing to adopt a pet kitten and so he is still with us. All this had me thinking that a lot of times we do not let go the ones that we love

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