Gender differences or what?

I completely agree with J Ann when they talk about gender differences and how society had deeply created that image in peoples mind. It is that widely accepted that even if you ask a small child if boys can cry, they simply would say otherwise. All of this questions us the very idea of the kind of generation we are breeding into. Society had laid down certain characteristics as to how a man should behave and how a women should too. This line is so wide that people are terrified of crossing it. 

We have all been conditioned to believe that women are born to be weak, emotional, always in distress, home makers and always crying. While on the other hand men are strong, not emotional and always the hero. This have been taught to us in the forms of books, academic sessions, moral policing, films etc. It has become so much rigid that people who do not feel the same are alienated and ridiculed. They are forced to believe that they are not normal when in reality no barrier has been kept or the definition of normal haven’t been defined yet to be judge of someone’s gender. 

We can understand this very closely if we take a dive into our childhood. Ever since we were kids there always have been certain set of rules for a girl child and a boy child, the latter being more liberal than former. Girls were asked to come home early while boys weren’t. Young boys were taught to not cry and be strong and if you cry then it simply means that you are a girl and being a girl was projected as a shame. Directly or indirectly we all have been a part of this system which fosters a toxic environment for people who do not identify their sex and gender as same to grow. At this point of time, they would feel dejected, left out from society and people always mock them, making them feel inferior of who they chose to be. 

Although recently things have taken a turn, we now live in a world where people come out and chose out be who they are than living beneath a mask that society force them to wear. We see a greater representation of gender diversity in all forms in books, media, novels, social media etc. All of this had made people more comfortable with the idea of acceptance than denial. Numerous people live in denial of who they actually are and find it hard to fit in with the right crowd. 

We can see examples of people exhibiting different sorts of characters despite the gender factor in today’s world. In 21stCE, the idea of acceptance has become much easier with lot of people coming out of their shells and being who they actually are. Celebrities like Harry Styles, have recently been center of attention in terms of their representation for gender issues. Harry dressed up in a way he loved and broke all barriers of gender disparity. And because of which celebrities, especially in the K pop industry have increasing become gender diverse in terms of their representation. 

It doesn’t take much to understand and be empathetic to people who feel lost when in terms of identifying who they want to be. After all, we all want to be accepted and loved for who we are than anything else. We all should move forward to a nation, transparent and more open to needs and diversity in gender and inclusion from all sides so that people can learn to be who they want to be and not forced to.

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