Mrityunjay: One who conquers death

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Mrityunjaya is the autobiography of Karna. Indian novelist Shivaji Sawant provides a deep exploration of Karna’s life in this novel. Due to this novel, he is also known as Mrutyunjaykaar.

There is the Sun on the cover of the novel. The chariot wheel of a heroic warrior is stuck in the golden rays of that glorious sun. That warrior is Karna. This cover depicts the curse that Karna received when he was studying at Parashuram.

The short complementary of the author is written on the back cover. And the image of murtidevi award which was received in 1996 for this book is printed.

Mrityunjay is the novel of the autobiography of Karna who is also known as Suryaputra, Sutputra, Radhey, Kauntey, and many more names. Mrityunjaya means the one who conquers death. This name seems beautiful to Karna. He was the only brave warrior who donated despite being on the verge of death. Lord Krishna blessed him that a generous warrior like you has never happened before and will not happen again.

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In this book, along with Suryaputra Karna, the life of his friend that is Yuvraj Duryodhana, Rajmata Kunti, Lord Krishna, brother Shona and dear wife Vrushali who practiced Pativrata Dharma is also briefly narrated.

When Rajmata Kunti was vergin, sage Durvas saw her devotion and gave her the Devahuti mantra. The power by which she recites the mantra, power will stand as a slave in human form and produce a son like him. One morning she looked at the sun and recited a mantra. And Karna was born a few days later. Kunti and her maid Dhatri put him in a box and released him into the river Ganges. While washing horses, that box got to Adhiratha, the charioteer of Dhritarashtra in Hastinapur. And later, Adhirath and his wife Radha took care of Karna.

He did not get maternal happiness even after birth. He had to endure endless hardships and sufferings. He expressed a wish to Krishna that his last rites should be performed by Krishna in the virgin land so that others like him would not suffer.

Many in the world may have donated, but he knew how to make such a thrilling, lofty, devoted, unparalleled donation alone at the door of death. The first Pandava, the eldest Kaunteya, the son of the sun…

When Lord Indra came in the guise of a Brahmin and asked him to donate his armor. Karna gave it without hesitation. Even knowing that it will cause his death‼!

In modern times, no one pays attention to sad people. The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer. We should try to solve the grief of the miserable people in our society. Shivaji Sawant has tried to give justice to the Karna who have not received justice in the past.

We should donate in our own way. Sawant has written this novel in the hope of trying to understand the grief of the bereaved.

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