How Mental health affects your body?

We all feel under the weather from time to time, but if you have been feeling emotianlly drained for a long length of time, then it is likely you are suffering from a mental disorder and you should immediately consult with an expert. Ignoring your mental health can have negative impacts on your physical health as well.
Here are 5 common impacts that your mental health can impose on your body –

1) Weight fluctuation
Mood disorders can often lead to you eating more and less and not maintaining a proper balanced diet and henceforth can result in weight gain and weight loss.

2) high blood pressure
Extreme stress can cause your blood pressure levels to rise up and leave you feeling tired and weak.

3) Insomnia
Poor mental health can cause you difficulty to sleep and lack of proper sleep can disrupt your daily schedule.

4) Drugs and Smoking
People with mental health conditions often resort to drugs, liqour and smoking in order to avert their problems and feel at ease. This in turn proves detrimental to their health. Expert consultations are always recommended in such cases.

5) Weak Immune System
Poor mental heath can weaken your immune system making you more vulnerable to get colds and other infections.