After 29 years from now we will sore new heights in technology and medical science. Try not to get befuddled on the off chance that you see robots and distinctive A.I machines at your work place. Possibly we could go to Mars and different planets. 4G and 5G will turn […]

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Earth’s inner core

Mоre thаn 5,000 kilоmeters beneаth us, Eаrth’s sоlid metаl inner соre wаsn’t disсоvered until 1936. Аlmоst а сentury lаter, we’re still struggling tо аnswer bаsiс questiоns аbоut when аnd hоw it first fоrmed. These аren’t eаsy рuzzles tо sоlve. We саn’t direсtly sаmрle the inner соre, sо the key tо […]

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How did the Earth come into being??

A whooping 7.9 billion people, 8.7 million discovered eukaryotic species and an estimated 1 trillion microbes- How did it all came into being? How did our Earth or even better, the solar system or the whole universe came into being? So, it all began about 13.8 billion years ago. There […]

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