After 29 years from now we will sore new heights in technology and medical science. Try not to get befuddled on the off chance that you see robots and distinctive A.I machines at your work place. Possibly we could go to Mars and different planets. 4G and 5G will turn out to be exceptionally normal and think about what perhaps it would not be being used around then.

Yet, not to fail to remember that now our mother earth is confronting such a lot of a global warming, contamination, deforestation, ozone layer depletion and the list goes on. A few specialists accept that a large number of the cities or nation will get vanished in next 10 to 20 years. These generally incorporates cities close to seaside area on the grounds that the degree of ocean water is rising step by step. Because of global warming polar caps are melting and colder areas are becoming hotter.

We may likewise confront water shortage in 2050 in light of the fact that fresh water is just 2.5% on earth and we are not conserving our natural resources. Not notice that oxygen that we inhale will likewise be exceptionally less in 2050 in light of the fact that now additionally because of contamination air we inhale is becoming poisonous step by step which can influence our lungs gravely. The measure of harmful gases like Sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide are influencing air quality index(AQI) gravely. A few specialists say that we may have to convey our own oxygen cylinder in 2050.

Regardless of the amount we dominate in our innovation however we will require these regular assets to live healthy. What will be the reason behind living in such developed society in the event that we can’t be healthy. So we need to save our natural resources and limit contamination assuming we need to live heathy in 2050.