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India’s Disinvestment Policy a New Economic Policy

Disinvestment is a philosophy of new economic policy of India. It is complete denationalization of assets. India adopted Disinvestment of government’s equity in PSUs and the opening up of closed areas to private participation. In recent years, the issue of privatization have been brought to the forefront due to the […]

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Indian Economy after independence

Indian economy at the time of Independence was in crucial state. This situation occurred due to the British Colonialism. After independence the Government changed plan for economic growth. The area of attention was shifted from agriculture to industry. The growth of public enterprise generate employment and reduce poverty. In 1991, […]

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Indian Fiscal System

It refers to the management of revenue and capital expenditure finances of the state. Fiscal system of a country refers to the revenue and capital resources that can be raised by government, the procedure to be observed in raising and spending funds and in case of a federation such as […]

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