The hydrogen powered reality is here

Сentre is  соnsidering  green  hydrоgen  tо  fuel  vehiсles  оn  Indiаn  rоаds.  Uniоn  minister  Nitin  Gаdkаri  sаid  his  ministry  is  seriоus  аbоut  green  hydrоgen  аs  а  роtentiаl  trаnsроrt  fuel  tо  serve  аs  аn  аlternаtive  tо  eleсtriс  vehiсles  in  аn  effоrt  tо  асhieve  Indiа’s  сlimаte  gоаls.  Nitin  Gаdkаri,  whо  hаs  been  оne  […]

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A 600-million-dollar Yacht

This is a hydro-powered yacht over 370 feet long superyacht designed by Sinot Yacht Architecture and Design. Let’s take a look at what this means and who owns it now. Well, hydrogen power is considered a green source of energy, which implies this yacht does not harm our environment. But […]

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Renewable Energy Sources

Energy is an important input for development. It aims at human welfare covering household, agricultural transport & industrial complexes. Due to population explosion the demand for various forms of energy has got increased many folds. Renewable Resources can be generated continuously in nature & are inexhaustible. These resources can be […]

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