The birth of ROMO

Till the time when everything was ‘normal’, there existed a phenomenon that was quite common and that which caused stress. Termed as ‘FOMO’, and acronym for ‘Fear of Missing Out’ which describes a perception that others are having a better life, experiencing better things and are having much more fun […]

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Outside perils

It’s been a long time since I have stepped outside my home. With all such dreadful news flying in the air, stepping out is becoming more and more difficult. And to think about all the precautions that one needs to take, makes going out unbearable. If I think about not […]

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Holy Week and Easter in the time of pandemic

Last April, Holy Week and Easter were marred by the fire in the cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris and by terrorist attacks upon churches in Sri Lanka. This month, Holy Week and Easter seem overshadowed by the COVIN-19 pandemic. Good stewardship of our own health, and love for our […]

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