Binge worthy k-dramas

Introduction:Korean drama or popularly known as k-drama are television series which are made in the Korean language and made in South Korea. These days, these dramas are popular worldwide due to the spread of the Korean Pop culture which attracted many more audiences and now it’s appreciated everywhere. They’re also […]

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The Rise Of Hallyu

The Korean Wave or as it is more popularly known the ‘Hallyu Wave’ is the rise in the popularity of South Korean culture globally.  The word ‘Hallyu’ finds its origin in the chinese word Hanryu meaning “Korean wave”. The Korean wave refers to a global awareness of several aspects of […]

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Descendants of the sun :MUST WATCH KOREAN SHOW

Whether you love this show or hate it; whether you think it’s the drama gods’ gift to mankind or the most ludicrous thing to ever grace our screens – heck, whether you even watch kdrama or not – you just can’t ignore it. When I first started watching Descendants of the Sun sometime last […]

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