Floods in Maharashtra

Climate change is real! Maharashtra has been dealing with two disasters; Floods in the midst of this ongoing pandemic. These floods have posed a grave threats to all the people. Maharashtra witnessed high-intensity floods due to the incessant rains over the past few weeks. At least 209 people have died […]

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The Mumbai 2008 attack a.k.a 26/11 was a chain of terrorist attack that took place in November in the year of 2008. There were 10 members of Lashkar-e-Taiba, it was an Islamist terrorist organization from India’s biggest enemy country, Pakistan. They successfully achieved 12 synchronized bomb attacks and firing that […]

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A rainy July for 2 Indian cities

Indian monsoon, the most prominent of the world’s monsoon systems, which primarily affects India and its surrounding water bodies. It blows from the northeast during cooler months and reverses direction to blow from the southwest during the warmest months of the year. This process brings large amounts of rainfall to the region during […]

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