Russia remains India’s top oil supplier for the month of november too.

Russia has for the first time emerged as top oil supplier to India replacing Iraq as refiners last month snapped up oil from Moscow fearing a price cap from Dec. 5 could hit supplies and choke payment avenues, data obtained from trade sources showed. India’s oil imports from Russia rose for the fifth […]

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Russia offers India large ship on lease.

Russia has offered India to lease and build very large crude carriers (VLCC) as insurance on Russian oil. “Traditionally India couldn’t get large quantities of crude from Russia as there weren’t any VLCC’s. However, now with India’s imports from Russia reaching nearly 30 per cent of total requirement, VLCC is […]

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Japan was the target of Russia, before invading Ukraine.

Months before President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, he was planning to attack Japan, according to an alleged letter from a whistleblower at Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB).  In March, an FSB agent, dubbed the ‘Wind of Change’ reportedly wrote a letter to Vladimir Osechkin, a Russian […]

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